Cayo Culebra: A Unique Investment Opportunity on a Private Island in Mexico

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If you’ve always dreamed of investing in an ecological tourism project while enjoying the splendors of the Riviera Maya, Cayo Culebra is an opportunity not to be missed!

The Riviera Maya, a Dream Destination for Tourists

The Riviera Maya is an essential destination for lovers of luxury, nature, and history. This region, famous for its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, offers a perfect combination of relaxation, adventure, and culture. Visitors can immerse themselves in ancient history by exploring spectacular Mayan archaeological sites such as Tulum and Chichén Itzá or relax in upscale seaside resorts offering exclusive and personalized services.

With its coral reefs rich in biodiversity, the Riviera Maya is also a paradise for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Additionally, the region is renowned for its refined cuisine, blending Mayan and international influences, and its world-class spas, promising the ultimate relaxation experience. In short, the Riviera Maya epitomizes luxury, adventure, and escape, making it a favored destination for the most demanding travelers.

Cayo Culebra, Mexico

Cayo Culebra, a Unique Investment Opportunity in an Ecological Tourism Project

With its 360,000 square meters, the private island of Cayo Culebra could welcome thousands of tourists from North America, Europe, Mexico, and Latin America to discover the tranquility and privacy offered by the stilt houses and bungalows on the island.

An Ideal and Easily Accessible Location

Popular destinations like Bermuda, Nassau, or Hawaii could soon be overshadowed by Cayo Culebra, thanks to its ideal location. Situated in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve on the Yucatán Peninsula in southeastern Mexico, Cayo Culebra is located right at the bay’s entrance, about 10 km south of Punta Allen in the municipality of Carillo Puerto, Quintana Roo.

Visitors will enjoy a luxury tourist experience just a few kilometers from the lively Riviera Maya. Accessing Cayo Culebra is a breeze: by plane via Cancún International Airport, by the Tren Maya, or by car via the Ruta Tulum. By sea, easy access is available from Bahía de la Ascención in Playa del Carmen, or from Tulum, Bacalar, or Punta Allen.

A Unique Place Offering Great Profitability Perspectives

Tourism in the Riviera Maya is experiencing exponential growth.

With all permits and documentation in order, the island of Cayo Culebra is ready to welcome thousands of tourists annually, as it is possible to build on 10% of the island’s surface, to develop, for example, hotels or bungalows on stilts.

These structures, built above the water, offer an immersive experience in the natural beauty of the Riviera Maya. The stilt hotels are also designed to minimize environmental impact on the delicate marine ecosystem of the region. They offer a sustainable and nature-respecting way to enjoy the splendor of Cayo Culebra.

This development option represents a perfect fusion of luxury, innovation, and environmental respect, thus attracting a high-end clientele looking for a unique and nature-friendly experience.

Cayo Culebra, Mexico

The Rules of Paradise: Exploring the Constraints and Beauties of Cayo Culebra, the Last Untouched Island of the Riviera Maya

The National Commission of Protected Natural Areas in Mexico will retain control over the island, ensuring that no human activity can alter its splendor. Strict rules will impose a ban on any construction, public or private works, limiting structures to cabins, bungalows, palapas, and excluding any docks to prevent any undesirable docking.

The goal remains the ecological control of this exceptional area. According to Jean-Noël Ravel, a French iad property consultan* based in Mexico and in charge of this extraordinary sale:

“ Cayo Culebra is truly exceptional, representing the last untouched bastion of the Riviera Maya, in one of the most paradisiacal regions of Mexico. As long as biodiversity and natural species are preserved, any interested individual can make this place their acquisition and fulfill a dream. “
Jen-Noël Ravel, iad Mexico consultant

Visual documents, exhaustive documentation, the precise location of the island, and details on land use, approved by the Ministry of Environment of Mexico, are available upon request. A rare opportunity to acquire this piece of preserved paradise.

f you are a serious investor looking for a unique opportunity to develop your income through luxury tourism, Cayo Culebra is waiting for you!


For more information, contact our iad Overseas consultant in Mexico, Jean-Noël Ravel, at +529994469499.

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