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If you’re in love with France and considering investing in property we recommend you consider the beautiful Aquitaine region. Popular with holidaymakers wanting to experience and families renting property long-term, this is an ideal area to invest in.

About Aquitaine

Located in the south-west of France, Aquitaine boasts a diverse landscape, from the Atlantic coast to lush vineyards**, and picturesque countryside. The regional capital, Bordeaux is a lively, modern city and a popular destination for Brits wanting to move to France.

The region’s temperate climate, with mild winters and warm summers, also makes it an attractive region if you want to escape the cold and damp UK.

Let’s look at the 12 different departments of Aquitaine to help you decide where to invest.

  • Gironde
    Gironde, the largest department in Aquitaine, is home to Bordeaux, known for its wine** industry and stunning architecture. Gironde offers vineyards, picturesque châteaux, and Arcachon Bay with its famous “Dune du Pilat”, Europe’s tallest sand dune.
  • Pyrénées-Atlantiques
    From mountains and valleys to the rugged Basque coastline, Pyrénées-Atlantiques is popular with visitors and residents who enjoy outdoor activities. You can surf in Biarritz, ski in the Pyrenees and hike on one of the many trails in the region.
  • Dordogne
    Dordogne’s meandering rivers, limestone cliffs, and verdant forests make this an attractive region for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors. With its medieval castles, picturesque villages and scenic countryside, this is a unique place of history and natural beauty.
  • Landes
    With vast pine forests (some of the largest in Europe) and long sandy beaches, Landes is another attractive area for outdoor lovers. You’ll find lots of pretty seaside resorts along the coast and lakes with beaches a little further inland.
  • Lot-et-Garonne
    If you’re looking to invest in rural France you should consider Lot-et-Garonne, where life takes a slower pace. This area is filled with vineyards** and orchards and offers plenty of authentic French markets where you can buy fresh produce.
  • Charente
    This inland region borders the river Charente and is full of countryside and traditional villages to explore. The town of Cognac attracts many visitors thanks to the production of the famous cognac brandy.
  • Charente-Maritime
    Located next to the Atlantic Ocean, the Charente-Maritime offers seaside living with easy access to the countryside. A popular destination for French holidaymakers is “Ile de Ré”, connected to La Rochelle by a bridge and where exploring by bicycle is a must.
  • Corrèze, Creuse, Haute-Vienne and Vienne
    These lesser-known regions are some of the least populated in France and are ideal if you’re looking to invest in a rural property. This is where you’ll find quiet villages, peaceful countryside and a laid-back way of life.
  • Deux-Sèvres
    A region offering peaceful countryside living at a reasonable price that’s popular with tourists wanting a French retreat. The area is named after the two Sèvres rivers and offers verdant landscapes, historic châteaux and tranquil living.
Good to know

Aquitaine has a well-connected transport system with trains running from Bordeaux and Biarritz to the main French cities and each town has its own public bus system. The largest airport is Bordeaux, while there are several other local airports. The northern France ferry ports are also within easy driving distance for travel to and from the UK.

Why you should invest in France

Aquitaine’s property market

The average price per square metre for an apartment in Aquitaine is €3,287 and €2,414 for a house¹ (March 2024). This compares with the cheapest property at an average of €987 in central France and the most expensive in parts of Paris and Alpes-Maritimes at an average of €9,459 per square metre².

The table below shows the current (2024) prices to purchase a property in the main towns of Aquitaine:

Location Average price per m²€ apartment (purchase) Average price per m²€ house (purchase)
Bordeaux 4,439 5,239
Limoges 1,641 1,848
Poitiers 2,199 1,925
Pau 2,113 2,541
La Rochelle 4,773 4,471
Mérignac 3,528 4,032
Pessac 3,205 4,139
Niort 1,863 1,950
Bayonne 4,799 5,849
Brive-la-Gaillarde 1,774 1,793
Angoulême 1,683 1,924
Talence 3,756 4,952
Anglet 5,779 7,851
Agen 1,704 2,056
Châtellerault 1,350 1,279
Villenave-d'Ornon 2,930 3,644
Mont-de-Marsan 2,501 1,958
Périgueux 1,751 1,948
Saint-Médard-en-Jalles 3,683 3,956
Bergerac 1,596 1,694
The property market in France

Reasons to invest in Aquitaine

This region is attractive to visitors wanting a peaceful holiday in rural France with access to beaches. The further inland you go, the cheaper property becomes, making this an ideal opportunity to target outdoor enthusiasts who want to holiday in this region.

Another reason to invest in Aquitaine is to take advantage of the skiing market in the Pyrenees Orientales. It’s much cheaper to ski here than in the Alps, making this a unique selling point to attract tourists.

In the past ten years property prices have increased 39.7%³ in Aquitaine. With the French property market expected to continue to grow to 28.36% by 2028⁴ investing in property in Aquitaine can only result in a long-term profit.

To give you an indication of what you could rent out your property in Aquitaine for, see the table below:

Location Average price per m²€ apartment (rent) Average price per m²€ house (rent)
Bordeaux 10.8 9.6
Limoges 11.7 11.2
Poitiers 11.6 13.2
Pau 13.9 15.4
La Rochelle 16.0 14.5
Mérignac 16.0 13.8
Pessac 10.8 10.4
Niort 13.9 17.0
Bayonne 10.3 11.3
Brive-la-Gaillarde 11.3 10.9
Angoulême 16.3 14.8
Talence 15.0 17.8
Anglet 10.9 10.4
Agen 9.9 9.4
Châtellerault 13.6 15.8
Villenave-d'Ornon 10.5 11.4
Mont-de-Marsan 11.0 11.1
Périgueux 14.8 16.3
Saint-Médard-en-Jalles 10.6 10.0
Bergerac 10.8 9.6
Settling in France - living your dream


A region that’s attractive to tourists and people wishing to move to France for a rural life, Aquitaine is an ideal location for property investment. Despite Brexit, France is still a popular destination for many Brits to make their home, with over 150,000 currently living there.

Tourist visits to France have steadily increased since the pandemic, with approximately 197 million expected in 2024, rising to over 200 million in 2029, making France, and indeed the Aquitaine a great place to invest in.

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