Our tips for remote working in Greece

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Imagine waking up every morning to the sound of the sea lapping the shore and the birds singing. Head down to your local taverna for a delicious breakfast of olive bread, fruit and Greek yogurt before starting your working day at your laptop on a sunny terrace.

This is what remote working in Greece offers – and living and working remotely in Greece is easier than you think!

Follow our tips for remote working in Greece and you could soon be living your dream life!

Tip 1 – Remote working in Greece post-Brexit

Greece continues to welcome tourists, digital nomads, and remote workers from around the world, regardless of Brexit, although there are some procedures to follow. British nationals can still visit Greece for short stays or opt for longer-term stays under specific visa regulations.

To work remotely in Greece, you will need to apply for a Digital Nomad Visa which gives you the right to live here for 12 months¹. If you decide to stay in this beautiful country after this you can apply for a Digital Nomad Residence Permit.

Good to know

From 1 January 2024 you must apply for your Greek visa in your current country of residence. You cannot apply in Greece.

Application for non-EU citizens for Greek visas is through the Greek Embassy in London. You will need to²:

  • Make an in-person appointment
  • Complete the application form
  • Provide supporting documents (passport, health insurance, passport photographs, the address of your accommodation in Greece)
  • Prove you have a minimum monthly income of €3,500 per month (this increases by 20% for your spouse or partner and 15% per child)
Good to know

If you commit to living in Greece for 2 years and you’re a non-EU citizen you will be entitled to a 50% income tax break for up to 7 years. If you already live in Greece you are not eligible.

Tip 2 – Deciding where to live and work in Greece

Greece offers many locations suitable for remote working. Coastal towns such as Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete are renowned for their stunning beaches and vibrant lifestyle, making them popular choices for remote workers seeking a balance between work and relaxation.

Athens provides a dynamic urban environment with modern amenities and a rich cultural scene – ideal if you prefer the bustle of the city.

More remote destinations like Thessaloniki, Nafplio, and Corfu offer a quieter pace of life, perfect for uninterrupted remote work amidst natural beauty.

Step-by-step guide to buy a property in Greece

Tip 3 – Plan your budget

Greece has a relatively cheap cost of living and is more affordable than the UK in terms of property prices. The table below gives comparisons of the main living expenses:

Item Greek price - £ equivalent UK price - £
Monthly utilities (gas, electric, water, rubbish) 217 295
Gym membership per month 29 44
Private nursery per month 379 1,450
Private primary school per year 8,209 17,055
3-course dinner per person 50 70
Local beer 4.50 5.26
Cup of coffee 3.32 3.67
Can of Coca-Cola 2.06 2.04
Bottle of water .50 1.46

Source: https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/compare_countries_result.jsp?country1=Greece&country2=United+Kingdom


The main area where you can make savings compared to living in the UK is your accommodation, whether you choose to rent or buy a property in Greece.

The table below shows how much cheaper accommodation is in Greece:

Type of property Greek price - £ equivalent UK price - £
Monthly rent 1 bed city apartment 494 1264
Monthly rent 3 bedrooms outside city 698 1593
Price per square metre to buy city centre 2662 5982
Price per square metre to buy outside city 2183 4352
Good to know

We can help you find the property of your dreams in Greece, whether it’s a countryside villa, a city apartment or a home by the sea.
At iad Overseas we have access to a vast selection of properties to rent and buy in Greece at affordable prices.

Tip 4 - Working from home vs. co-working spaces – which is best?

As a remote worker in Greece, you have the option to work from the comfort of your homes or from one of the co-working spaces that have emerged in recent years. It depends how motivated you are if you’re not in a structured office environment.

There’s also the option to share a villa with other remote workers, which is becoming a popular idea and is a great way to meet new people.

Working from home offers the flexibility to create your own work environment, whether in the shade of the living room or under a tree in the garden.

Co-working spaces provide a collaborative atmosphere, networking opportunities, and access to essential amenities such as high-speed internet and meeting rooms.

There are many co-working spaces in Athens, and they’re also beginning to pop up in the larger towns. This link gives you information on co-working spaces in Greece.

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Tip 5 – Combine working remotely with your passions

One of many reasons to work remotely in Greece is the opportunity to combine work and leisure time. Whether you’re savoring traditional Greek cuisine, exploring ancient ruins, or basking in the Mediterranean sun, Greece offers a myriad of experiences that will enrich both your work and leisure.

Living in Greece is your chance to explore the many islands, swim in the Aegean Sea and discover the history of this fascinating country.

As a remote worker you can schedule your work hours around the climate too. It tends to get very hot in the afternoons, which is when it’s time to down tools and take a refreshing dip in the sea or pool.

Tip 6 – Immerse yourself in the community

Mixing with the locals will help you fully benefit from remote working in Greece. You’ll find the Greek people are friendly and will always stop to chat and pass the time of day. This is where learning a little Greek will help, even if it’s only a few words it will be appreciated.


Remote working is a popular way to explore the world and has become much more accepted since the pandemic. Why not follow your dreams and set yourself up on a Greek island while still earning – anything’s possible!

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