Where to buy property by the sea in Italy

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Do you dream of living in a home near the sea in Italy? There are plenty to choose from in this beautiful country. We can help you find your dream property with a sea view on the stunning Italian coastline. Whether you want to buy an apartment or a luxury villa with a swimming pool, our guide gives you an insight into where to buy property in Italy by the sea.

The Italian property market

Property prices in Italy dropped at the end of 2023¹ making this an excellent time to buy. From Tuscany heading south to Sicily, there are still many property bargains to be found on the Italian coast.

Buying a property in Italy offers a more relaxed lifestyle and more for your money than in the UK. For example, to buy an apartment outside of a city is 41% less in Italy than in the UK. Imagine your perfect home by the sea… a terrace in the sun, close to the beach, the friendliness of the Italian people… what are you waiting for?

Good to know

Buying property in Italy is straightforward if you follow the correct procedures. UK citizens can still buy a home in this beautiful country even after Brexit. At iad Overseas we can give you advice and guidance on the property market in Italy and the best places to buy next to the sea.

Popular (and some more unusual) locations to set up home by the sea in Italy

Amalfi Coast

Renowned for its picturesque coastline, cliffside villages, and turquoise waters, the Amalfi Coast offers a luxurious lifestyle amid stunning natural beauty. This is a popular tourist region, so ideal if you’re considering renting out your property by the sea.


Tuscany’s coastline offers a unique blend of rustic charm and seaside luxury. Coastal towns like Viareggio and Livorno offer properties with stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. From the coast it’s an easy drive inland to explore the vineyards and rolling countryside this region is famous for.

The Italian real estate market


Puglia is known for its pretty villages, olive oil and inviting blue sea. Italy’s ‘heel’ includes all kinds of properties, from traditional houses to modern villas in seaside locations such as Bari and Otranto. Puglia’s relaxed atmosphere and authentic Italian lifestyle appeal if you’re looking for a quiet, laid-back place to call home.

Santa Marinella

Located only an hour from Rome, yet right on the beach, Santa Marinella in Lazio is ideal if you want to combine coastal life with the occasional visit to the city. You’ll find plenty of rocky coves to explore and this area is also a popular surfing spot, making it the ideal home for families.

Italy’s Adriatic coast

Less touristy than the west of Italy, but still popular and extremely beautiful are towns such as Rimini, Riccione and Cervia on the Adriatic coast (west). This is where the Italians spend their holidays and where you’ll find sandy beaches and lots of places to swim and try out your favourite water sports.


Italy’s largest island, Sicily, has a stunning landscape and numerous coastal towns to choose from. Sicily offers a range of property options, from historic homes to modern developments.

Why You Should Invest in Italy

Transport in the coastal towns of Italy

All the larger towns have good rail and bus connections, but if you choose to live somewhere quieter you’ll need a car. Not only will this ensure you can do your weekly shop at the local market with ease, but a car gives you the means to explore the area surrounding your coastal home in Italy.

The cost of living by the coast in Italy

Whether you choose to buy a property by the coast or inland, the cost of living in Italy is much cheaper than in the UK. Currently, prices are 8.8% higher in the UK, with eating out at a restaurant being 16% higher in the UK – and you have to eat indoors most of the year.

In addition to eating fresh fish at a beachside bar after a day on the beach, living by the coast in Italy is a much more attractive choice. You’ll also find your cappuccino much cheaper in Italy, with the average cost being €1.58 compared to the equivalent of €3.68 in the UK. And somehow it’ll taste better with the Italian sun on your back and the sea breeze in your hair!

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Property prices in Italian coastal towns

The table below shows the current (2024) prices to purchase a property in some of the main Italian seaside locations:

Location Average price per € m² 3-bed property near the sea
Amalfi coast 4,000
Livorno 2,366
Bari 2,075
Rimini 2,486
Sicily 950

Source: https://www.combien-coute.net/


As you can see, it’s much cheaper to buy a property in Sicily than on the mainland, but it’s worth remembering that this is an island, which may not be as accessible as the rest of the Italian coastline. However, if you want to get away from it all and enjoy Sicily’s magnificent beaches this is the location for you.

When considering where to buy near the coast in Italy you should take into account whether you want to be within walking distance of the sea or are prepared to be on the outskirts of a town or village. Premium properties with sea views command higher prices and you may find the property you choose nearby is just as appealing. It all depends on your budget and what kind of property you’re looking for.

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Each coastal town of Italy has its charm, whether you want to live in cosmopolitan Amalfi or a tiny Tuscan seaside village. Take your time to research and discover the hidden gems of Italy’s coast.


Embark on your journey to your dream home in Italy now!

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