Our tips for remote work in Mexico

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If you’re searching for a unique adventure in one of the top locations for remote workers in the world, head for Mexico. With its stunning scenery, affordable cost of living and laid-back culture, Mexico has become a popular destination for remote professionals and digital nomads. Follow our tips for remote working in Mexico and chase your dream of living and working on the other side of the world.

Tip 1: Discover the best places to remote work in Mexico

Mexico City

The country’s capital offers a vibrant cultural scene and diverse districts. It boasts hundreds of co-working spaces with shared or private offices and plenty of cafes with high-speed internet.


Tulum is a remote workers’ paradise. With its golden sandy beaches, eco-friendly resorts and bohemian vibe this is the Maldives of Mexico. The natural beauty and wellness-focused lifestyle are a perfect background for the digital nomad lifestyle.

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Playa del Carmen

Located on the Caribbean coast, Playa del Carmen offers beautiful beaches, a relaxed atmosphere, and a thriving remote worker community. You’ll find lots of co-working spaces, or you can work from the relaxed environment of a beachfront café.


This colonial city in southern Mexico is a great base to explore other parts of the region. From the tropical coastline to the vibrant arts scene and delicious local food, Oaxaca is a charming destination for remote work. The internet speed in the city is fast, so you won’t have any trouble connecting.


With excellent internet connectivity and plenty of co-working spaces to choose from, Cancun is ideal if you’re a remote worker looking for a lively city scene. When you want to escape the city, Cancun is within easy travelling distance of many beautiful locations, including the must-visit car-less tropical island of Holbox.

Puerto Vallarta

On Mexico’s Pacific coast, Puerto Vallarta is an ideal remote work base if you want a combination of gorgeous beaches, traditional city life and mouth watering Mexican cuisine. Remote workers can work comfortably from the many co-working spaces or set up their laptop at beachside cafes with amazing ocean views.


If you’re a remote working city lover, this is the place for you. As Mexico’s second-largest city, Guadalajara offers a mix of historic charm and many cultural attractions. Full of co-working spaces and coffee shops, you’ll find plenty of places to locate your mobile office.

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Tip 2: Be aware of the legalities of remote working in Mexico

If you intend to work remotely in Mexico for less than 180 days, before entering the country you must complete an FMM (Forma Migratoria Multiple) to obtain the Mexico Tourist Card. This form confirms that you are legally permitted to enter Mexico. You will be given the application form at the airport if you travel to Mexico by plane. If you arrive by land you can apply for the visa online 30 days in advance of your arrival.

Remote workers wishing to stay in Mexico for longer than 180 days will need to apply for a Digital Nomad (temporary residence) visa that lasts up to 4 years. There are certain criteria you will need to demonstrate to be issued this visa:

  • Income of at least $2,595 (£2,045) per month for the last six months (add $861 /£678 for each dependent).
  • Bank balance of $43,000 (£33,900) for the last twelve months.
  • Be the owner of a Mexican property worth at least $346,000 (£273,000).
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Tip 3: How to stay safe in Mexico

Most areas are safe in Mexico as long as you take precautions and are aware of your surroundings, as in any country of the world. Do your research before travelling to a new area and check for any local travel advice from your embassy.

Tip 4: Enjoy the cheap cost of living

In comparison to London, most living expenses in Mexico are cheaper. The coastal towns and more remote locations are even cheaper, making Mexico the ideal location for remote workers on a budget.

Good to know
  • It is 70.6% more expensive to live in London than in Mexico City (excluding rent)
  • Rent in London is 182.3% higher than in Mexico City
  • It is 85% more expensive to eat out in London than in Mexico City
Item Price in Mexico City (£) Price in London (£)
Mobile phone contract per month 21.71 14.89
Internet per month 22.92 31.44
Gym membership per month 43.83 47.73
Private nursery per month 339.85 1,829.08
International primary school per year 8,200.69 20,054.76
3-course dinner per person 23.43 40
Local beer (half liter) 2.34 6.50
Cup of coffee 2.70 3.57
Can of Coca-Cola 0.99 1.96
Bottle of water 0.68 1.58

Source: Numbeo

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Tip 5: Try to speak the language

When you work remotely, it is essential to integrate with the community, both for the experience and to understand the culture of where you are living. This includes trying to speak the language, even if it’s only a few words. There are several apps you can download to practise your Spanish conversation skills while you’re lying on the beach.

Good to know

The primary language of Mexico is Spanish, which sounds slightly different to Castillian Spanish (the language of Spain). The ‘s’ is stronger in Mexican Spanish, than the ‘th’ in Castillian, for example, the phonetic sounds are, ‘gracSias’ in Mexico and ‘graTHias’ in Spain.

If you follow our tips on life in Mexico and embrace the Mexican culture you’re sure to have a rewarding experience when working remotely in this fascinating country.


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