Lumon, the currency specialist

Lumon, the currency specialist

Lumon is joining the iad Overseas partnership program to provide our international buyers and sellers with a foreign exchange solution to avoid any surprises at the time of transferring funds.

Increasing your financing potential

Our partnership with Lumon makes it easier to finance your property abroad by providing you with an international money transfer service.

By choosing to use Lumon’s services, you can increase your potential to finance abroad and save money, have an electronic wallet to buy and keep funds in nearly 40 currencies, and open an account in minutes.

To each his own, our motto: the house of your dreams in the country of your dreams

Lumon offers our iad Overseas clients a competitive exchange rate, which represents a significant economic gain on the conversion of large amounts such as when buying your dream property.

This initiative is in line with iad Overseas,  to support foreign buyers at each step of their real estate project beyond the borders of their country.

The services offered by Lumon

By choosing Lumon to manage your currency exchange, you can choose from several contracts, depending on your objectives:

●      A cash contract: Do you want to convert currencies immediately at the current exchange rate by making a payment the same day? It’s possible! It can be set up in less than an hour and will allow you to benefit from a fast and reliable service. Furthermore, it’s ideal, if you have all your money and want to do something quickly.


●      Forward contract: Have you have made a down payment on a house abroad and want to protect yourself against exchange rate fluctuations? While you are waiting for the contract to close, you can lock in an exchange rate up to 12 months in advance, paying about 10% to secure your currency and pay the balance on the agreed date.


●      Limit Order: Are you looking for a particular exchange rate, but it’s not available right now? A limit order could be the ideal solution. As soon as your target exchange rate is available (remember that it will be different from the interbank rate), Lumon will automatically buy your currency and you will be paid within the time frame agreed upon at the beginning. This type of contract is ideal if you are working with a specific budget.


●      Stop Loss Order: Do you still have some time to pay and want to see if your rate improves? Set a level below which you don’t want to negotiate.


●      Regular Payment Plan: Keep your bank account afloat with automated currency transfers. This is useful for mortgage payments, pensions and more.

About our partner Lumon

Lumon is a currency specialist that has been helping clients buy in Europe for over 20 years. The company offers its customers a solution to transfer funds internationally quickly, easily and optimized service.

In 2021, Lumon made over 112,500 payments totalling over £3.3 billion, with a growing team of nearly 200 Lumoneers and 7 offices across Europe.

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