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Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Eva Soulier. I live in Aigremont in the South of France. This is a little village where I work as a real estate consultant*. Before joining iad I was an “au pair girl” in Canada where I learnt English. This experience of living abroad has given me a deep understanding of the needs and difficulties faced by a foreigner who wants to buy a property abroad.

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Can you tell us more about your job and how do you help foreign buyers?

As a real estate consultant*, my role is to support foreign buyers in the search of their property. I take the required time to understand their life project beforehand in order to provide them with the best possible support. I am available for my client at any time, reactive, patient and attentive to my customers.


Can’t get there quickly for a visit? I’ll go myself and organize a live video tour for you so you can ask questions while visiting your property. Do you have a question about the security of your transactions and the exchange rate? I will put you in touch with our specialized partner, Lumon. Do you have a legal question? I’ll put you in touch with my lawyer. Do you want to renovate your house? I propose you professionals who are able to help you.


Why is Aigremont attractive to foreign buyers?

Aigremont is a little village in the South of France triangle including Nîmes, Uzès and the Cevennes. Aigremont is situated in an attractive region where it is always sunny, close to the mountains and nature and the sea.

In summer you can discover little towns like Anduze and Sommieres, where you can find many little restaurants, markets, activities and beautiful places.

What is your favorite place in Aigremont and why?

My favorite place is the village of Anduze, a little medieval village. This is a nice place near the mountain where you can find many things to do especially in summer. This village has a story: it was built in the 10th century and even then it is considered as the jewel but also as the gateway to the Cevennes. First, Anduze belonged to the Count of Toulouse until its reign. However, the seat of a Bailiff remained for centuries in Anduze. This is a beautiful place, with a lot of fountains close to the river.

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Can you tell us an anecdote with a foreign buyer?

I had a good experience with a lovely Polish couple, in the village of Tavel, located 1 hour’s drive from my village. Finding your way around this area is not easy. As it was their first time in town, after guiding them by phone, I realized that they were literally on the wrong way. They were confused between different villages. So I had to go meet them during their visit in Nîmes to reassure them as they were truly lost! We spent 2 hours together to discover different villages and target the good one for them.

The ending word?

If you want a beautiful property in a quiet area between mountains and sea, in the sun, I can help you to find yours.
I’ll be there to answer your questions thanks to my experience, but also and above all thanks to my network of complementary professionals and the digital tools at our disposal to accompany you even at a distance.

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