Where to settle in Portugal according to your passions?

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Are you dreaming of a new life in Portugal? A place where you can fully express yourself, explore your passions, and immerse yourself in a completely new culture?
Let’s have a look on how to find the perfect region to settle in and live your ideal life based on your interests.

Hiking in Madeira, the Island of Flowers

A floral paradise for hikers. The benefits of living in Madeira are numerous, especially if you enjoy walking. On the one hand, the temperature is ideal, an eternal spring where it’s neither too hot nor too cold, allowing for long hours of walking without discomfort.

It’s also this characteristic that allows the island to be adorned with the most exotic flowers at any time of the year.
Finally, its mountainous topography, being a volcanic island, provides it with some of the most expert hiking trails.
But there’s no need to fear them, as the island is full of more accessible paths, even at lower altitudes.
One thing is for sure, you never get tired of it, you improve, you challenge yourself to surpass your limits. The landscapes are astonishing, unique to the point of finding nothing similar elsewhere.

It’s true that one doesn’t reside there for its beaches, even though it has them. Like on all volcanic islands, the beaches are gray, and those of Madeira are small.

You become an islander but not necessarily a swimmer.
Here are some ideas for trails for your future hikes:

  • Caniçal – Marosos: very accessible, this hike on the Levada des Mimosas allows you to discover the local culture with typical houses (Palheiros), Poios (green and climbing terraces), and of course, always flowers, especially mimosa.
  • North Coast Trail and Porto da Cruz: a picturesque little village whose inhabitants are scattered in the heights, and you will get to know them.
  • Pico de Ariero: particularly impressive as you follow along the ravines.

The possibilities are endless.

Settling in Madeira: property

In Portugal and its archipelagos, the smart idea is to buy land and build. The artisans are highly qualified, and the prices are affordable. It would be the most economical option, and there are many plots for sale in Madeira.
In terms of buildings, prices vary from city to city, but if we take Funchal as a reference, it’s possible to find houses and apartments ranging from €1,450/m² to €2,856/m².

And this is the case even as the property market develops on an upward trend and in a luxury direction.

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The study of marine and volcanic life in the Azores

If your passion is to study or observe marine mammals, then the Azores are perfect for you.

Consider yourself lucky if you have swum with dolphins at least once in your life. In the Azores, this could happen to you several times because some species reside there all year round.

Moreover, it is a migratory passage for whales and sperm whales, which are observed during several months of the year.

It’s a spectacle that one never tires of, and it qualifies this destination in Portugal as excellent for living.

Hiking is notably practiced on Pico do Ponto, an extinct stratovolcano that peaks at 2351 meters. It is the highest point in Portugal.

Some other advantages of living in the Azores: the climate is mild throughout the year, and quite humid. The rain allows for vegetation that is unique in the world.

Property in the Azores: buying and renting

The archipelago consists of 9 islands, and the most populated one is Sao Miguel, where the capital, Ponta Delgada, is located.

In the capital, the average price per square meter for buying ranges between €1,370 and €1,950, and rent costs between €800 and €1000 for a 4-room apartment.

The average salary is the minimum wage in Portugal, which is €900 per month.
The primary expense is groceries, followed by housing.

How to set up a new life in Portugal with your family

Cod fishing or practicing the art of ceramics in Ílhavo

In the Aveiro region, situated on an arm of the sea, the town of Ílhavo is the birthplace of the production of azulejos, the typically Portuguese ceramic tiles.

The most well-known brand is Vista Alegre, which continues to operate in Ílhavo, exports internationally, and offers workshops on the secrets of production.

This site is both industrial and tourist-oriented, located 80 km south of Porto, with a population of nearly 40,000 residents. All the houses are adorned with the famous ceramic tiles, giving the town a living museum atmosphere.
Apart from the creation of azulejos, the other economic pillar was cod fishing, which has declined since but is still practiced as a leisure activity.

The climate is favorable: no winter frost, and temperatures not exceeding 30°C in summer. The sun is prominently present.

Is property expensive in Ilhavo or Aveiro?

The cost of living is cheaper on the mainland than in the archipelagos, and property is accessible to everyone: retirees, families, and workers.

A 4-room apartment rents for less than €1,000/month (outside the city center or on average €1,000 in the city center), and the purchase price per square meter ranges from €2,241to €2,926.
If you profess a passion for azulejo craftsmanship, you can easily have fun adorning the façades of your new house with your creations. Your integration will then be perfectly successful.

Playing golf in Algarve and on the Estoril coast

Living in Portugal without exploring the Algarve region is simply impossible. It’s the nerve center for vacationers, the country’s largest tourist area. Even in winter, it remains pleasant on a daily basis because some activities operate year-round.

Golfing is internationally renowned in this region. Golfers have voted Monte Rei Golf & Country Club as the best golf course in Portugal, but the oldest course is at Vale do Lobo. The Ocean, designed by Sir Henry Cotton in 1968, has been playable since 1985. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of two 9-hole courses, some of which offer magnificent views of the ocean.

You’re not obligated to stay in hotels to play; you just need to pay green fees, and you can play all year round without breaking the bank. Moreover, you can consider visiting other golf courses in Portugal; they can be found near Lisbon, Braga, and in the Douro Valley. This is normal as the country hosts the European Tour’s golf Open.

The climate is renowned as the mildest in Portugal. Even warmer inland, it remains bearable thanks to the often-blowing wind (particularly in the west of the Algarve) and the cool water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Is property affordable in the Algarve?

Property prices in the Algarve are comparable to countries of northern Europe. There is not a significant property appreciation when buying on the Estoril coast, even if you are renting.

Seasonal property strategies are effective on the coast, so you could generate regular income by renting all or part of your residence during the high season.

In the Algarve region, rental prices for a 4-room apartment range between €763 and €2,205 per month.
When it comes to purchasing, it naturally depends on the city, but this region is the most expensive in Portugal.

Olhao, Algarve

Live your passion for motorsports in Estoril

Estoril is a city less than 20 km west of Lisbon, in the municipality of Cascais, a renowned small marina.
Estoril has flourished thanks to its leisure activities that have attracted an international clientele.
Golf, of course, but also motorsports and horse racing, not to mention the largest casino in Europe.
These eventful activities allow this city of 25,000 inhabitants to thrive year-round.

The Estoril Circuit earned its reputation thanks to Ayrton Senna, who secured his first F1 victory there.

Other competitions attract enthusiasts in different categories, such as F2 or historic Grand Prix races.
And you could be one of those who cultivate a passion for F2 or love to hear the tires of classic cars squeal on an iconic circuit.

This passion could guide you to settle in the Lisbon region.
It’s even a very good choice in terms of property.

Useful figures on property in Estoril

Its location is perfect: situated between Cascais and Lisbon, it benefits from their infrastructure, healthcare, schools, and transportation. Its beautiful beaches are sheltered from the wind, and the waters are calm, a real added value on the Atlantic coast.

Estoril is a perfect middle ground to avoid the peak prices of Lisbon and Cascais.

You could find rents for a 4-room apartment around €1,800, compared to €2,400 in Cascais.
In some neighborhoods, the price per square meter hovers around €3,500.

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Living your football passion in Porto

An original way to settle in the north of Portugal. Of course, Portugal cultivates an extraordinary passion for football. Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese champion, raised in Madeira and later joining the Lisbon club.
However, it is indeed the Porto club that is the biggest and most supported in Portugal: FC Porto has won 69 trophies and boasts 11,000 supporters.

The beautiful Dragon Stadium, built in 2003, houses a museum where fans can admire some famous cups and relive history.

Attending a match is a must to experience the intensity and joy of victory. To feel Portuguese. To live in Portugal.

Of course, Porto offers many other services and choices besides football. The city produces its wine and is renowned for its typical gastronomy. The green cabbage soup (Caldo verde) comes from here.

Its old town is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Is it possible to buy or rent in Porto?

The rates are perfectly affordable. Moreover, since the city is particularly well-connected, one can move a few kilometers away if the prices in the city center are not attractive enough.

For buying, properties are sold between €1,781 and €2,706 per square meter. Renting a 4-room apartment varies from €1,126 to €1,689 per month.

Living in Portugal: A great choice

The richness of landscapes, the diversity of the climate, the hospitality, and the facilities provided for remote work or retirement make Portugal very attractive. It is also a land of passions, craftsmanship, and sharing. You will never be bored.

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